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3Com NBX V6.5 Software Code



Model #: NBX_V6.5
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3Com NBX V6.5 Software code

3Com NBX V6.5
Software Code


Your Source for 3Com
NBX V6.5 Code!

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The 3Com NBX V6.5 software code is available for V6.x (3C10503) code users running on a V3000, V3001 V3001R or V5000.  NBX V6.5 software supports SIP mode.  In SIP mode 3Com telephones and line cards communicate with the system using 3Com call control mode.  SIP devices, such as the 3Com 3108 Wireless Telephone, generic SIP phones, and SIP gateways and servers, use IETF RFC 3261 (SIP: Session Initiation Protocol) to communicate with the system.  For more information please read Chapter 10 of the NBX Admin Guide listed below.  ***The NBX 100 does not support SIP Mode.***

**The V3000, V3001 and V5000 will require the following memory upgrades if using V6.5 code in SIP mode.**  The V3001 does not require a memory upgrade.

Click here for V3000 Memory Upgrade - 3C10240

Click here for V3001 Memory Upgrade - 3C10245

Click here for V5000 Memory Upgrade - 3C10233


3Com IP Phone Support in R6.5 SIP Mode
The Following SIP phones were tested with NBX R6.5 SIP Mode
NBX Devices Part Number
2102B/PE Business Phone 3C10226B, 3C10226PE or 3C10228IRB/PE
2101B/PE Basic Phone 3C10248B, 3C1248PE
3100 Entry Phone 3C10399A, 3C10399B
3102 Business Phone 3C10402A, 3C10402B, 3C10402C
3103 Manager's Phone 3C10403A, 3C10403B
3106C Cordless Phone 3C10406A
3107C Cordless Phone 3C10407A
pcXset Soft Telephone Client 3C10316 (single license), 3C10154 (site license)
1105 Attendant Console 3C10123A or 3C10123B
3105 Attendant Console 3C10405A, 3C10405B
3108 Wireless Phone 3C10408A
1 Port Analog Terminal Adaptor 3C10400B


  • SIP Compliant!
  • V6.5 comes free with when you purchase V6.0 - 3C10503

Product Options

- Thank you for viewing our 3Com NBX V6.5 Software Code Page -

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